Quotes Working with the team at Brand Philosophe has given my business focus, direction and above all helped me find my purpose. It's not a one size fits all approach. It's a dedicated commitment to fitting all the pieces together so that they flow. Quotes
Business Owner

Quotes After completing your workshops, I look at my business, the services and products I?ll be offering, and my future clients in a completely different light; a light that is much more relevant to small business success today. After completing your workshops I feel much more proud of my business and what I can offer to my clients. I understand what my business is really all about, why I?m doing it, why my clients will choose me over others, and what they?ll gain from me. These are things I thought I knew before your workshops, but I realise now that I was thinking only on a very superficial level. Had I not completed your course, I would still be expecting my products and services to sell themselves on their quality alone. I might have come across books with a similar content to your workshops, but there is no way I would have been able to apply my learning to my business to the extent that I have done with your one-on-one coaching within the workshops. Quotes
Business Owner

Quotes His guidance has given me focus, his questions have (and continue to) push me, and his knowledge supports me. Knowing that he is in my corner cheering me on gives me that extra little boost that I need from time to time. You would be doing yourself a great disservice if you did not take advantage of this great offer. Give yourself a gift, and treat yourself to a Brand Strategy Business Review!!!!! Quotes
Business Owner

Quotes I wasn't sure about having a Business Coach at first, as I'd never really done anything like that previously. Working with Brand Philosophe has been one of the best business decisions that I have made for myself and my business. Together we have re-built the foundations of my business and have been incorporating changes across the board. These changes have made such a huge difference and the results speak for themselves. Such dedication and care from the Brand Philosophe Team" Quotes
Business Owner

Quotes Working with Brand Philosophe has been inspirational and beneficial. We started working together after connecting via a business program and have continued working together through many ups and downs in my business and in life. The program with Brand Philosophe is exactly what I needed in order to grow my business and achieve my business goals. Working with Kylie goes much further than that. For my business I was aware of the skills I had and needed to fill the gap and working with Brand Philosophe did exactly that! Working with Kylie has been fantastic and I have learnt so much and connected with so many people. My business success is a credit to this program and Brand Philosophe has been one of the best business decisions so far. Quotes
Business Owner, Designer

Quotes I had my first visit with Brand Philosophe today and am already feeling less frustrated with the process of getting my brand online. I feel comfortable that he understands what I am attempting to create and that I will receive the guidance I need to turn my blog site into a money making machine. Elizabeth Quotes
Business Owner

Quotes I had a fantastic session with Brand Philosophe on Friday afternoon. We worked together to be able to chunk things right down for me and then we articulated what I needed with such clarity and direction. Thanks very much!!! Teresa Quotes
Business Owner

Quotes I had a fantastic Brand Strategy Review with Brand Philosoophe! Through asking powerful questions and providing insightful observations and suggestions, Lawrence was able to help me get a much clearer understanding of my target market and what they want. He helped me totally change and improve my message to speak directly to my target market and worked with me to design a strategy for increasing my sales. The session was very productive and I highly recommend Lawrence to anyone who wants to improve their business. Leanne Quotes
Business Owner

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