Advertising Effectiveness Program©

Save 80% of your advertising budget and get the same results ...

"I know 20% of my advertising works; I just don't know which 20%"  that means 80% of your advertising is not working for you ...

What if you did know which 20% of your advertising IS working ... ?  This is powerful information 

The Advertising Effectiveness Program© will show you what IS working

Increase the return on your advertising investment

The process is straight forward; Find out which is working, look at how it can be improved and do more of it ... And, see if it can be applied to other advertising.

Measuring how effective your advertising is

As part of the program we have a quick and easy to use tool which measures where your business comes from. Ultimately it shows you which advertising methods are working for you and how effective they are ... And, you can customise this tool to suit your business.

The Advertising Effectiveness Program©

Is a 6 week program for businesses to measure the effectiveness of their advertising and lead generation, and depending on the results, provide a range of alternative options to improve the return.

Overall, the outcomes of the Advertising Effectiveness Program are:

  1. For businesses that advertise, to increase the number of sales per advertising dollar spent ...
    1. Make your advertising more effective
    2. Generate more sales
    3. Save money on your advertising in the process
  2. To provide businesses with a tool that will measure how leads and sales are generated
  3. To show businesses how to integrate this into their business procedures

A brief overview of the Advertising Effectiveness Program©


  1. What are you currently doing and what do you expect?
  2. Measure your current status within 4 weeks
  3. Analyse your results
  4. Options and recommendations to improve your return
  5. Implement changes to your advertising mix  
For more information please email: info@brandphilosophe.com
Program Investment:
$497.00 AUD 


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